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PC Sales Is Predicted Will Be Increased This Year

The processor manufacturer, Intel Company is predicting that the sales of personal computer (PC) will increase from the second quarter of 2014 and by the end of 2014. This is due to a strong demand from the business segment.

According to Reuters, Intel had predicted that their earnings in the second quarter to 13.7 billion dollars, up from a previous prediction of 13 billion dollars.

Microsoft’s decision to discontinue technical support for the Windows XP operating system, is considered as one of the reasons for the growth of personal computer sales. The business and corporate segments are expected to buy a new computer unit to replace obsolete computers.

For the past few years, the sales of personal computers are decreasing for eight consecutive quarters until March 2014. This is happen because the personal computer market is crushed by the increasing popularity and demand of mobile devices, such as smartphones and computer tablets.

However, according to analyst Mikako Kitagawa from the Gartner Institute of Research, the sales of personal computers in the first quarter of 2014 showed signs of improvement, although the growth is still slow.

Gartner notes that the personal computer sales in the first quarter of 2014 to 76.6 million units, down 1.7 percent compared to the same period last year. In the mean time, Kitagawa also stated that personal computer shipments had dropped 6.9 percent in the fourth quarter of 2013 and down 10 percent so far in 2013.

Security Holes in Smart TV

Security Holes in Smart TVTwo researchers from the Columbia University Network Security Lab have discovered security holes in smart TV sets. With the security holes, hackers could easily run malware without revealing their location and where about.

According to the research, by using a 1 watt amplifier, a smart TV security can be breached by using the “man-in-the-middle-attack.” The attack is called the “Red Button” attack (as reference to the red button on the TV remote), is a signal injection method, just like what happened in the early days of cable TV.

The malware that is spread will run automatically when the users watch TV channels that have been compromised. Malware will run in the background without the knowledge of the smart TV owner.

After the malware has successfully spread inside the appliances, then the hackers will able to steal the data stream and send it back with the same frequency.

In a short time, the homeowners electronic devices that is connected with the smart TV network, such as computers and printers can be controlled by hacker. Hackers can create a post on your Facebook account with the stolen login data, accessing your email and many more.

The attack is also difficult to trace, because the hackers never reveal themselves in the internet that has the IP address or DNS servers.

The only way to know the hacker location is by sending a lot of vehicles with the antenna to trace the signal and triangulate it. But at that time, the hacker will be long gone.

There are several ways to prevent that from happening. The most extreme way is to disconnect the internet connection. The second approach is to monitor the device as a network. The third way is to ask for confirmation of the current user to run an application in a smart TV.

Refurbished Laptop

Refurbished LaptopAre you sick of all the high priced notebooks out there? Does getting a used laptop seem like a better choice to you? Refurbished laptops are everywhere these days, and the word itself seems like a “buzz word” of the industry. But do these used machines actually hold up to the strict standard of the word “refurbished”?

In this article I will discuss exactly what process a used notebook should go through before it is called “refurbished”, as well as the advantages and disadvantages’ purchasing one brings.

Refurbished or recertified laptops being touted everywhere online these days, but are they all the same? The answer is no. Each company has a different process of restoring a notebook, and they aren’t all equal. This is what a good restoration process should look like:

An examination of all hardware components

Diagnostic and performance test


Cut & scratch repair (not always necessary)

What this process should equate to is a machine that runs just as good as when it was brand new, (and sometimes looks just as good).

The most important thing you can do if you are looking at a particular “recertified” laptop is find out about the company selling it. Are they reputable? How long have they been in business? What process do their refurbished laptops go through?

These are the most important questions you must ask. I’ll be honest here; there are many companies that claim that their notebooks are recertified, but this is really a lie. There is a risk involved when buying a reconditioned notebook, and checking a company out before you purchase can go a long way towards your peace of mind.

That being said, good deals and quality notebooks can be found, and are found daily.

There are some advantages in buying a refurbished notebook. For one, the obvious advantage is that you can save a lot of money on a mobile PC that runs just as good as ever — as long as the laptop is of good quality. This is the advantage that appeals to everybody when it comes to getting a reconditioned laptop.

As for disadvantages? Well, as I said above, there is a risk when purchasing these notebooks. By doing proper research you can minimize this risk, but it will always be there. Another down side to these machines is that you are limited to whatever is available. With a new notebook your options are endless — With a refurbished one, you have to take what you can get.

All in all, I think buying a refurbished laptop can be a great idea; provided you take the time to ask questions such as the ones above. If done correctly, you can get a great portable PC that will last you a long time to come, and save you a lot of cash as well.

Choosing the Good Quality Laptop Case

Good Quality Laptop CaseSo you finally have that new laptop you have been wanting over for the past few months, only there is one problem — You don’t have a case for it. You’ve probably already laid down over a grand for the notebook and you’re telling yourself that you don’t want to spend another $70 for a case. Trust me; this isn’t the time to be cheap.

In this article I will go over the importance of getting a quality notebook bag, as well as what sort of features are found on quality laptop cases.

If you consider your laptop to be important or essential, then getting a good, solid case is a must. You may be wondering why. Here are just a few reasons:

Expensive notebook should be protected properly

Quality cases have way better outer and inner protection for your laptop

More comfortable

Better shoulder protection

If you still need some prodding in the direction of that super duty case maybe the next points will help. Let’s go over what distinguishes the good from the bad in notebook bags.

Comfort – Quality bags have much better shoulder support than cheapies. Your notebook is going to be at least 6 pounds, probably more. Do you really want to break your shoulder just carrying the thing around? You have a lot more choice with quality aftermarket cases as well when it comes to carrying style. In the end you are going to be a lot more comfortable with something that wears well on you.

Protection – Make sure you don’t drop that notebook case that came with your computer — You may find your laptop in pieces. Quality laptop cases have great inner and outer protection. Things like reinforced corners on the outside, and air pockets on the inside. It all adds up to peace of mind. If you want, you can even find cases with single or double combo locks.

Storage – If you want to put extra files or folders into your notebook case you are going to need the space. Quite often, cheaper cases will have just enough room for a notebook and maybe a small folder if you are lucky. When buying an aftermarket case you have a lot more choice in size, and can find something that will hold everything you need it to.

Are you ready to spend a little more money and get that quality case now? Good, but before you do, let’s go over a couple more things that are very important.

First, you need to think about what you will be carrying most of the time — Chances are it isn’t just your laptop. What you will be carrying will be a big part of what case you decide on. The more stuff you need to bring along in the bag, the bigger the bag needs to be.

Next, find out the dimensions of your notebook. You need to know this when buying a case. Not all laptops fit in every case, so you need to look for a case that will fit the size of your notebook. Whether you are buying a case locally or online, the main compartment size of the case should be easy enough to find.

Lastly, as you will soon find, there is more than one style of laptop case available. There are the standard cases, ones that look like actual luggage bags, and even backpack style cases. The last one has the added benefit that thieves won’t think there is a notebook sitting inside.

Going over exactly what you need in a laptop case, and then purchasing a quality one won’t just save your shoulders in time, but possibly your investment too.