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Buying Used Laptop Computers

Used laptop computers are everywhere these days. How can you sift through the mass of available used laptop computers to narrow your search down to the right laptop for you? Here are a few basic suggestions to keep in mind.

Buy from a reputable dealer

It can be tempting to pick up your local classifieds and simply choose the lowest price laptop in the newspaper and buy it from whomever. But, this is a mistake. Less headache and aggravation will result by buying from a reputable dealer. If something goes wrong with it right after you buy it, you’ll at least have some recourse.

Quick Visual Inspection: Looking for signs of damage

One of the most common ways a laptop is damaged is by dropping it on a hard surface. Look for cracks around the corners of the laptop. You should also look for any chipped plastic around the LCD Screen.

Make sure the hinges of the LCD Screen are in good shape and aren’t cracked or separating from the body of the laptop. This damage can result when someone opens the screen too far. It can also be the result of being dropped.

Examine the power supply that comes with the laptop to make sure there are no signs of overheating like a melted cord or power box. Be sure that the power cord itself is not frayed or damaged in any way. Take a look at the end that plugs into the laptop, make sure it isn’t damaged. Plug it into the laptop and wiggle it around to make sure it isn’t loose in the laptop. This can also indicate that the laptop has suffered internal damage.

Laptop Operating System

Does the laptop you’re looking at come with an operating system? If not, it could be difficult for you to fully test the operation of the laptop.

Quick Power Up Inspection

Power up the laptop if it already isn’t on. Make sure to open the CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive that comes with the laptop. Look for USB ports and make sure they are in good repair. Locate the vent for the CPU fan (if it has one – most do) and listen to the sound it makes. If you hear any whining or grinding sounds, beware. This may be an indication that the CPU inside has not been getting proper cooling which can definitely lead to problems down the road like random crashes, shut downs, etc.


Basic Types of Computer Network

There are several types of computer network base on its technology that is commonly found and used by many people at this time.

LAN (Local Area Networks)

This network type connects several or every computers from a certain and confined area such as a room or a building to form a single line of network. The most famous in this network type is the Ethernet.

WAN (Wide Area Networks)

WAN is a collective of multiple LANs from many place that is separated geographically using phone line or satellite connection. For example, WAN will connect the branch office from other side of the earth with the main office. This will make data and information transfer become much easier and cheaper.


This system is the most common networking system that is use by many people in the world. At first the internet is use for military and academic institution purposes, but now it is the most public network that serves many people purposes, especially for information sharing.


Intranet is private network that use common internet tools. This network use by many organizations with custom made browser that serves the organization purposes.

At this age computer networking technology play crucial part in human civilization. It make us easier to transfer and sharing the information and data for private, business, education, security and many others purposes. Millions or billions computer are connected in the internet network every day.

Maintenance Service for Your Computer

Computer Maintenance ServiceIf you are relying and depending on your computer for many purposes, especially if you use it every day, then you need proper check and maintenance service regularly. This is to ensure the health of your computer, so it will be always in good condition, dependable, and maintain its performance and speed. Although you may not have the skill in computer technique and service, there are some maintenance service that you can do it yourself.

Ventilated and secure area

Place your computer, especially the central processing unit (CPU) in the area that well ventilated. Don’t let any abject jam near the CPU and obstruct the flow of air from and to the CPU. This is to prevent the CPU getting overheat and crash when you are using it. An overheating can also damage some parts inside the CPU. And avoid an area where the CPU can get easily, bumped, kicked, tip or fall over accidentally to prevent any damage.

Clean the collected dust

Use small vacuum cleaner or compress air to clean the collective dust inside the CPU at least twice a year. This is also to prevent your internal CPU parts from overheating. Before you do this maintenance service, make sure to unplug the computer from the electric outlet and try to avoid touching any parts in the CPU to avoid the static electricity that can damage your CPU sensitive circuits.


Install antivirus and malware software to protect your PC getting infected from virus and malware that can damage your program, reduce your PC performance, or even steal your important data. You should also always update the software every few months for better protection.

Internal maintenance software

Your computer usually is completed with software that can help you in maintenance service. Some of the most important software are; scandisk, to help you find any error in your computer program system. Defragmenter, this software will organize the data inside the hard drive, and increase your PC performance. And disk cleanup, to remove file and data that is created by the computer that is no longer needed and necessary. If you do not know how to use these software, you can use the Help feature from the start menu to know about theses maintenance service.

Electrical disturbance protection

Use stabilizer or uninterruptible power supply (UPS) to protect your PC from electrical surge and black out that can damage your PC circuits, shorten its life usage and losing the data that you still working on.

Unplug your PC

Always to remember to unplug your PC electrical cable and data or telephone cable when you are going away from your home and when there is a thunderstorm. Therefore your PC will be protected from electrical surge or spike that might happen when you are not at home or during thunderstorm, even if you have surge protection device.

Even if you do not have the knowledge in computer technique, it will be unwise to neglect your PC maintenance service.

No More PC Processor Upgrade?

No More PC Processor Upgrade?For the past few decades, every desktop PC motherboard have socket holder to place the PC chip processor. Therefore the motherboard and the processor are sold separately.

The benefit of the  is to make the user or consumer can easily change or upgrade their processor with the more superior or latest processor when they want to, as long as the socket holder can support the new processor. Therefore the user can improve their PC performance without replacing all the part and saving their money.

Ball grid array chip processor

But according to the rumor on the computer technology latest development, it is said that in the future all the PC processor will no longer use socket connection. Instead the processor will be installed directly and permanently to the motherboard PCB.

This method is known as Ball Grid Array (BGA) that has been use to build other desktop PC part such as chip on RAM cards or chip on VGA card. It is expected that by using this method, the desktop PC will has lower electricity consumption. This method is also will reduce the size of CPU to become smaller and more compact.

No processor upgrade in the future

This method will definitely eliminate the user ability to upgrade their PC processor. But the fact is, since every other desktop PC parts technology and performance such as motherboard, RAM and VGA or graphic card, are develop in the same periods, it is very rare occasion that PC users (even for the expert users) to solely upgraded their PC processor without upgraded the other PC parts.

It is said that Intel Company is interested with this method to compete with the growing sales of mobile computer device such as laptop, tablet computer, Smartphone, and many more. And it may follow by other processor company such as AMD Company.